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Radon Testing

Quick Facts about Radon

  • Radon is chemically inert, naturally occurring radioactive gas

  • Radon gas is the number 2 cause of lung cancer globally, after smoking

  • You cannot see, smell or taste radon gas

  • A combination of local geological features, the design and construction of your home, climate, and lifestyle can lead to high indoor radon levels

  • The only way to be sure the Radon level in your home is safe is to test

Is my home at risk?

  • Unsafe radon levels have been found in homes of many different designs, in many locations

  • Houses with dangerously high radon levels have been found next door to home with low radon levels

  • Most counties in Illinois have an average radon level higher than the US EPA's reccomended level 

  • The only way to be sure your family is safe from indoor radon is to test the radon levels in your home


For more information about Radon...

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