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Home Inspections

What is a professional home inspection?

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, “A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home. A complete home inspection includes a visual examination of the house from top to bottom. The inspector examines the heating system, the central air conditioning systems, the interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and visible insulation, walls, ceiling, floors, windows and doors, the foundation and visible structure. The home inspection should not be confused with an appraisal or a municipal code inspection.”

Components Included:

  • Roof

  • Structure

  • Exterior

  • Electrical system

  • Heating and Air Conditioning System

  • Plumbing system

  • Insulation and Vapour Barriers

  • Interior

  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems

What to expect:

Your ABC Home inspector will thoroughly examine and generate a detailed report on the home you plan to purchase. During the inspection of a property's accessible areas, all the ins and outs of the home's interior and exterior will be painstakingly evaluated...including a search for evidence of hidden problems such as water damage or structural defects. 

In addition, your ABC Home inspector will conduct you through a personal room-by-room review of the home thoroughly, patiently, and objectively. If you're concerned about radon, testing is also an available option. 

After your on-site examination is completed, you will be presented with a comprehensive, computer-generated evaluation identifying present and potential problems. The inspection and ensuing report will equip you with what you need to know to finalize your purchase decision. You will have before you a complete analysis of current maintenance and immediate service requirements, as well as the means to identify and estimate future maintenance items that can be safely and easily deferred.

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